Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 Tips When Using Autosurf Programs

When using autosurfs to gain free webtraffic, there are some things you can do to drastically increase the amount of visitors arriving to your site.

#1 Use multiple windows when leaving the computer

Normally, everyone would argue using tabbed browsing is the only way to autosurf, but if you combine multiple windows with tabbed browsing, you will gain even more. Autosurf programs are well known for the massive amount of pop-ups, scripts and certificates almost always blocking the rotators. But, it ONLY blocks the rotators in the same window, adding less tabs to each window will minimize the number of autosurfs jammed by a single pop up.

#2 Use as many autosurfs

Using multiple windows, you can add even more autosurfs into rotation. Add as many you can, until the limit of your computer. The more programs rotating, the more visitors will see your pages. Look close on what programs tend to break the surf, what programs actually CAN deliver enough traffic to be worth it and what programs that give you good enough ratio surfing many bad programs wont do you much good.

#3 Build your down line

To fully utilize the potential of autosurf programs, you need to figure out a way to build your down lines. Autosurfs work in a similar way to affiliate programs, but you earn credits or visitors if you will instead of money. You should be promoting the good autosurfs allocating credits from other autosurfs to the referral pages. Tweaking this will improve the total traffic received. Focus on autosurfs where you get a fair percentage of the referrals earned credits. But, remember to look at how much traffic they can send, no use building a massive down line if you only see two visitors a day from it.

#4 Add Manual surfs to your arsenal

Manual surfs or traffic exchanges are similar in nature, but with traffic of much higher quality. Promoting them, thus building a down line, will not only give you more traffic it will increase the quality of it as well.

#5 Continue to look for new autosurf programs

New autosurfs have a hard time getting enough users, so they often give out plenty of free credits when you are registering. If the program can deliver the hits in a short period of time, they might very well be useful enough to add to your arsenal, if not you will receive a small but steady stream of visitors long after you forget you even signed up for it. Be sure to add a few of your referral pages into rotation to increase the odds of adding to your down line. If all else fails and you STILL can't put the credits to good use, why not build a page with only a few affiliate program banners on it, and see what happens? Just don't try it with any program tracking impressions, or you will get banned.

Using these simple tricks will be sure to drastically increase the amount of traffic received from both autosurfs and traffic exchanges, good luck.

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