Saturday, July 14, 2012

Who Is Dwight York?

The FBI on May 8, 2002 A.D. done a court order authorizing search and arrest warrant on 404 Shady Dale Rd., a land that Rev. Dr. Malachi York has not retained for above and beyond 5 years. The arrest warrant and search warrant was for an individual by the misnomer of "Dwight D. York". Is Dwight D York the bona fide individual they seized?

In order to determine a party's identity you must first ask for credentials. Before issuing a search warrant the investigators must give believable cause and the party who is to be arrested must be identified to a magistrate judge in order for a search warrant to be published. The Federal government treacherously recalled Rev. Dr. Malachi York on May 8th, 2002 A.D. on the arrest warrant delivered at 404 Shady Dale Rd., it openly alleged that the warrant was for "Dwight D. York". The topic at hand is what you call a "Misnomer" according to the Black Laws Dictionary it means a "mistake in naming a person, place or thing, especially in a legal document." What we are saying is that the FBI is not legally prosecuting the sound human and that they not at any time suitably sighted "Dwight D. York" when Dr. Malachi Z. York was arrested. Rev. Dr. Malachi York is a valued Citizen and the government knows this to be legitimate, According to the BOND HEARING the Defense asked Ahmadou J Varmah at the bottom of page 114 did he know that Dwight York change his name to Malachi York in the State of New York and the government did not object, so this is further documented evidence that the government knows Dr. Malachi York's name was legally changed to Malachi York, don't believe us read the Bond Hearing. Why the Name Game?

Question: When was Dwight D. York born?

Answer: Rev. Dr. Malachi York was born June 26, 1945. According to the Macon Telegraph, Dwight D. York was born in 1968, when they proclaimed his age to be 36. Dr. Malachi York was born in Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa. There is no transcription of his birth here in the United States. There is a belief that Dr. Malachi Z. York was born in Boston, Ma. but we have evidence showing that there is no "Dwight D. York" that received a birth certificate there from 1945 to 1951 A.D. in that city. We also have the cold hard facts that proves that there is no birth record for Dwight D. York in that moment in all 50 states. The burden of the cold hard facts is on the Usa. We have the facts of where Dr. York was delivered, Ghana, and where he was not, America. FREE Malachi York!

These are more questions that should be asked:

* Is Dwight D. York an American ?
* Who are Dwight D. York's parents?
* Does Dwight D. York a legal naturalized person?
* Does Dwight D. York have a passport?
* Has Dwight D. York ever visited other countires?
* Does Dwight D. York have a ssn?
* Has Dwight D. York taken out any loans or mortgages?
* Does Dwight D. York own an automobile?
* Does Dwight D. York have a bank account?

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